RESTful Web Services the easy way with JAX-RS

Here are the slides that I have prepared for my talk at JavaForum this evening. It took me some time to cut it down to 34 slides and then still many of them had to become extra spare slides. I had to realize that 30 minutes is really not much time. On the other hand I’ve seen many 10 minute lightning talks where the speaker manages to deliver the essence of a pretty complicated topic, so I shouldn’t really complain.

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3 Responses to “RESTful Web Services the easy way with JAX-RS”

  1. Mathias Says:

    Nice one, AB. If you haven’t stumbled across this one yet, it might trigger you =) /Bergqvist

  2. Thomas Sundberg Says:

    Tack för en bra presentation på Javaforum ikväll. Och stort tack till att du har lagt upp dina slides.


  3. bjarlestam Says:

    Thanks for the sammy.js pointer Matte 🙂 I’ve looked at CouchDB and the nosql approach before, but Sammy was new to me. Seems interesting.

    Kul att du uppskattade presentationen Thomas!


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